Friday, March 13, 2009

Do I want the President to Fail?

Do I want him to fail as President? NO!
Do I want him to fail as a liberal socialist, YES!
Do I want to see an increase in government intrusion into matters that are those "left to the states or to the people"? NO!
Do I want the nation to be successful? Absolutely!
Do I want laws enforced when it comes to the stock market, securities and financial instruments? YES! This would have prevented a great deal of the mess we are in right now had the funding been granted when requested on the several occasions that it was requested and then denied by Congress.

Do I think that the President has much of a clue how this all works? Nope, not much, not in the real world, but I hope he and Congress wake up soon. It's past time the SEC and other investigative units are fully funded, so they can actually do the job they should be doing and recover at least some of the money that has been criminally made, stolen, or otherwise fraudulently pilfered over the last few years in the markets world wide. I have been doing extensive research on this issue for a while now. What I have found boggles the mind and I will be sharing some of it in the very near future.

Do I think the President is really going to make it all right again and recover the money that was stolen by all these folks from you and me and our 401k’s and IRA’s? I doubt it, from his actions so far. That would put more money into the market and really make the right kind of change in stabilizing the market and the rest of the economy as well.

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